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Aishia is a one of a kind artist who is created when different cultures come together. Experiences such as growing up in Mumbai and starting to take Indian Classical Music lessons at the age of five, learning how to write songs and play the guitar after listening to Taylor Swift songs, moving to Kuala Lumpur and taking western classical vocal lessons and studying at Point Blank Music School, London, helped shape her artistic vision and brand. Aishia's main motto is that of remaining authentic and being shamelessly and fearlessly herself.


Although her influences are many, her vision remains clear: to make music that comes from her heart. Aishia is quite new to the game, but she has already shown a promising start by getting various features on blogs and sites such as Eclectic Music Lover, Reignland Magazine, Staccatofy, Keep Walking Music, Mystic Sons, KMS Reviews to name a few. Her previous singles were featured on various Spotify Editorial playlists such as Made in Malaysia, Chill Lah, New Music Friday Malaysia and Singapore.


Her music influences are many contemporary artists such as Lana Del Rey, Billie Eillish, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Taylor Swift, Rosalia, Dua Lipa as Dean Martin, Henry Mancini to name a few. 

Here are some reviews on Aishia’s music: 


"Aishia has a beautiful, emotive singing voice, and here she summons her seductive vocal powers to express the intense romantic ardor described in her lyrical love letter. It’s a wonderful song."  - Eclectic Music Lover 


"Aishia’s intoxicating music style is a breath of fresh air amidst regular Pop Music." - The Heat Magazine 


"With elements of pop and traditional Indian music , Aishia creates a unique world blend, that is accessible, yet offers a depth that is driven by her darkly hued luxurious voice. That’s the short of it!"  - Staccatofy 


"The new release of Malaysia based singer/songwriter Aishia builds a beautiful, shimmering playful atmosphere around the listener.This is not your everyday love song. It’s an awesome picture of the feel you get hit with when in love." - KMS Reviews 


"The soft and haunting vocals of the artist were so captivating and really took this track to the next level." - Reignland Magazine 

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